Help Disabled Children

kids group learning arts and crafts in day care centre

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Help Disabled Children


Education is a human right that is often denied to disabled children. We train our teachers & parents to go against the accepted norm of low expectations for such children. Our pioneering program helps create productive stimulating lives by providing age-appropriate education, sensory-integration therapy, training, counseling, & support services to child and family. To help our families battle prejudice & poverty we provide our services for free. You help is needed for us to continue our work.


Though there are no reliable statistics available, it is reported that 1 in 93 children in Sri Lanka is autistic. Most severely disabled children in Sri Lanka will grow up to be extremely dependent adults, often without the ability to communicate their most basic needs or identify those who have harmed them. A burden to their families and society. Our education program provides our students with self-confidence, communication skills, and marketable abilities

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